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Overdue photos of people I took last year in South Korea – Jeju Island, Busan and Seoul. I finally have the time to post some of it. My two-months backpacking photos all over Europe were deleted when I reformatted my macbook. So, I decided to post my other photos in case something similar happens. My blog is a back-up copy of my memories.

By the way, we are backpacking Myanmar tomorrow (Friday) until Sunday (3 days). Do you know where to spend 4-5 hours (1am to 5am) while waiting for Ubein’s sunrise? We’re thinking of booking a hostel but I don’t think it’s worth it. We will arrive in Mandalay from Bagan at 1 am. Either we stay at the bus station (Is it safe?) or go somewhere. We are a group of five so just need a safe place to chill out.