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Do you also feel, sometimes, the desire to have a “me” time?  The time to close your doors from outside world, back off from people and doze off from stress and worries? Alone at last!

Whenever I feel the need for “me” time, I just give in. I need to clear my thoughts, re-evaluate my goals and reflect on my actions. It rejuvenates my spirit and I’d come off fresh and energy-loaded. It gives me time to rebooth my senses and regain inner peace.

http://www.bubblews.comI and my friends would sometimes joke that “me” time is asking, “Are you okay, self?, What have you been doing, self?” It may sound crazy and weird but sometimes, this is just what we need to map our personal issues in life. Sometimes, we really got to ask ourselves if it is still okay. It should be able to answer it honestly and who knows you may find answers to questions you have been avoiding. Just be sure that no one is around or you may get a new name – “crazy bitch”.

dkfresh.wordpress.com Seriously, find time to bond with your self. Listen to its heartaches, worries and anxieties. Feel the warm breathing and hug yourself. You’d never know, you need it for the longest time; you just don’t realize it yet. Nothing is wrong with me time. It actually makes us more human.

Relax, have a me time.


Photos from www.familiesonline.co.uk, http://www.bubblews.com and dkfresh.wordpress.com