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Good friends are not to be judged by the days, months or years that they become part of your life. New or old does not matter. What matters most is that they are your friends – trusted, loyal and kind. Friends come and go but only the golden ones remain.

There will always be new and old friends. You choose and collect them as you experience life. When you were young and in grade school, your playmates are your friends. They keep you happy and create young, reckless memories. As you move to another stage of your life, you get new friends but it does not mean that your old friends are more important that your new ones. It works both ways. It can never be equated.

http://moodle.bridgend.gov.uk/You should characterize or group them as high school friends, college friends, office pals or even friday-night-out friends. You cannot give importance to one group over another. It is not right. You may met someone recently from your work who understand you better but who may not always be available for you. Instead your old pal maybe always there for you. You cannot put criteria for judging of who is or are your better friends. Friends are friends whether they are old or new.

The length of days or years spent together is not a good criteria of judging the person towards you. You may have been friends for a long time but were insignificant memories. With your new friends, you may have done worst and best things like travelled the world, gone to places you never visited and even did embarrassing things. Memories matter.

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*I was asked “Are old friends more important than new friends?”. This is my answer. πŸ™‚