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Be considerate

If you met me 2 years ago and before that, you would surely hate me. I was an office bitch. I was working under the supervision of the senior executive vice president, THE S.E.V.P. I think his “bitchiness” and sarcasm eventually rub it off on me.

Imagine I wrote an email to all general and marketing managers of overseas offices calling them lazy! So much epic. The Dutch marketing manager replied (to me only) and said it was rather harsh to call them lazy when they were working their asses off to deliver company objectives. Good thing that we were starting to be friends! I received a second email from the SEVP himself telling me next time “soften the blow”! haha

When I met Ginger, a Chinese colleague, on a company party, she told me that every time my email made it to her inbox, she imagined I was a middle-aged woman. She pointed my direct and pompous emails asking almost everyone to work over time.

This was my past self. Since I joined Audit team, I never thought I became mushy in a professional way. I became Ms. courteous, congeniality and gracious!

I learn that if you want things to be done, be considerate. Everyone in the office maybe fighting a hard battle, having bad days or simply cannot breathe. You need to give slack to people. Give them some space to do your requirements. Be kind. Always.

I do not regret my actions 2 years ago because I learned from it. I admit I went too strong to a lot of people but I accomplished lots of things for the company. I gain management’s trust and respect, though lots of staff may have cursed me a thousand times.

Whatever I did in the past, I made it my business to change the way things are. I talk to people not just about office works but personal businesses. Ask them, “how is your day?” “What ails you?” or simple throw my favorite word, “Happy?” You would realize these things can really warm their hearts. Best thing to connect to people.