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1. The Beast

Clawing, devilish wolverine. You are always at his mercy, whispering and tiptoeing. No excuses for bad reports, no alibis accepted. You don’t even know what fun is or even how it feels. You’ve memorized all the emergency numbers, exit lines and on speed dials.

2. The Marshmallow

Isn’t she the nicest angel around? She lets you get away with everything – absences, tardiness, over dues and of course, laziness. A perfect boss when you hate your job or looking for a new job.

3. The Weather Bitch

She got the fickleness flu. Just sit there and count how many times she changes her decision. She leaves you dazed, cold, warm or caught in a whirlwind.

4. The Octopus

Okay, he has lots of what-ifs, like this and like that. He got the “on the other hand”  disease. He cannot make up his mind laying hundreds of choices to choose from. Count how many “hands” he just said aloud.

5. The Quicksand

Yesterday, you are in LOST episode 5, season 20. Today, it is now LOST episode 25. Maybe, he will have its season finale tomorrow? You wish. He seems to be always oafish, edgy and soupy.  His mind wandering somewhere else and you have no choice but to race him back to the issue.

6. The Snowman

Either he has the real head flakes or just colder than the arctic. He doesn’t flinch at your social greetings, no smiles and hand shakes. He hates building relationships.

7. The Zombie

Too much sleepless nights? Overworked boss? He is devoid of emotions and you always wonder, does he even know you exist? He just stares and murmur… brains… I need brains.

8. The Prince Charming

Hold you heart dearest. Or maybe your skirt? It may become loose. Dating your boss is a recipe for disaster but well, losing your job for love may sound romantic and appealing to you. The boss gets what he wants because he is who he is – charming and deadly. One smile and you can offer your whole weekend forgetting Grandma’s 65th birthday.

9. The Amelia Earhart 

Missing. Missing in all aspects.

10. The Lighthouse

He shines at your darkest. He seems to absorb all the positive energy in the world and affect others. He has the charisma to make people smile and open up. Be careful though with his “no problem” and “it is OK” clichés, he is still your boss.