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I am still thinking over Glasgow or Aberdeen city to experience a different way of living. A year of finding myself – what I really wanted and capable of doing. Will it be a roller coaster? A fancy cruise? Or a seemingly fast ride on air? I know for certain, this is a different trip I’d never forget.

I am never a drifter. Although I am not a procedural freak, I travel along with the crowd never trying the road less travelled. Adventure is not my forte. Risk is calculated. Change is premeditated. I stand out not because I am different but because I am with others.

Fifteen months from now, I will be stepping on unfamiliar grounds. New home, new friends, new world. Entirely a different cut out from what I’m used to be. I feel edgy embracing a new lifestyle but it warms and excites my being. I am heading out there – a new direction.

This is a rare opportunity to see what’s out there. To feel alive and spirited. To search for maturity and create lasting memories.  To take the plunge into the unknown. To get hold of adventure, risk and change! To drift and maybe try to stroll along the roads less travelled.

Am I ready? Never been this ready.

(Photos are not mine.)