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There is nothing amazing but a girl falling in love for the first time. The first blush that makes her giddy and bright. The first throb that makes her foolish and naive. Her first love and hopefully, her last.

She is pretty shy when he is around – reserved and timid. Dreamy stares from her glowing eyes. Stammering words from her adorable mouth. Sparks flicker and moods change. Showy laughs and bold smiles. Ahh, the joys of falling in love.

But in every love story, it is never quiet and simple. Witch comes but never goes. She spoils the fun and fantasy ends. Winter comes after the fall.

In her dreams, she is the fair princess and he is the gallant prince. No nasty witch or awkward silence. Roses blooms and fill the air. All is great – simple and perfect.

Not a day goes by without a wish – for the prince to leave the witch and for them to live happily ever after. When this happens, she can tell the world that fairy tales do exist. Until then, she will stand afar and watch them have their own fairy tale.

*For Donna and her unrequited love.


I don’t own the photos.