Two weeks ago, my guy-friend gave me a solicited advice to just drift. He said that I just let go of myself and fall into the unknown abyss. That, it is okay when you’re terrified because it means I am off to a good start of discovering the unknown.

Right now, I am taking things at a time. This is the firs step of knowing myself, of knowing the things that I can. That maybe, I will be surprised that I can do things that I thought I couldn’t.

I received an email from Jill Tait that I made it to 2 postgraduate studies of University of Glasgow – Accounting and Finance, and International Business and Entrepreneurship.

Currently, my postgraduate application rolling faster than expected.

*Based on 2011 Financial Times ranking of best business schools in Europe. Based on 2011 Guardian ranking of subject Business and Management.

My top 3 for now are Strathclyde, Glasgow and Bradford.

Lately, I have been thinking of deferring to September 2013. I tried to assess my finances and if I enroll this September 2012, I will not have enough funds for Europe Tour after my studies. I really wanted to explore Europe for one month. I wanted to wander in Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Germany, Scotland, England and all amazing countries of Europe! One month of a life-changing trip! How’s that!

Right now, I am kind of scared. Everything is falling into pieces. Choices are pouring in, all my prayers are being answered and it makes me nervous. Too many choices. Last night, I tweeted, “Behind one decision lies thousands of choices.”


I was watching How I met your mother tv show and I was hit by Ted Mosby’s words to Robin, “God, you are so terrified of anything real. It’s like you’re floating out in space. Touch the ground, Robin. Live in the world, make a mistake.” I am terrified because this will be the biggest decision I will ever make. I have always been a “safe” person who is easily bothered when life becomes outbalance. I always wanted to control things not necessary planned and laid-out but things should be stable. But, Ted Mosby might be right, live in the world and make a mistake. We learn from mistakes and grow up not to repeat those mistakes.