Moving on Quotes

My friend needs cheering up. I have been looking for really good and inspiring quotes to give her a daily dosage. Here’s what I got.


I don’t own the photos/quotes.

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About levitalks Happiness for the world. Someday, I dream of setting up my own charity! Kindness is something I will always be advocating for. I am an amateur photographer and a blogger (obviously!). I am taking up a postgraduate degree in Finance, Accounting and Management (FAM) at the School of Management in University of Bradford. I don’t know what is the return of this investment though! It was supposed to be an excuse to travel. I am weird. Indeed. :) You’d find my eccentricities either unnerving or quite acceptable but I just don’t care. I laugh, smile and feel happy at small things. These make my life simply wonderful!
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2 Responses to Moving on Quotes

  1. Aaah. Needed this right now.
    Thanks for posting.

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